Custom orders are closed while I am in cow camp for the summer. Orders placed between May 15th and Oct 15th will not go into production until late October 2024. Early Christmas orders are welcome!

Montana Wool Cowl c-178

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C-178 Montana Wool Cowl brings a classic, high-end look to your wardrobe, crafted from Pendleton's ® acclaimed wool and finished with an iconic cowgirl design. Its elegance and quality is unrivalled - wrap yourself in luxury and add a timeless, exclusive appeal to any ensemble.

9” x 36” Lined with a luxurious fleece .  2 snap closures.   

The first photo with the item number is the Montana Wool Cowl available for sale.  The photos with the model are to show how they look and fit a person. 

These cowls are large and can be pulled up to cover your nose and ears.  

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