Custom orders are closed while I am in cow camp for the summer. Orders placed between May 15th and Oct 15th will not go into production until late October 2024. Early Christmas orders are welcome!


1. How can I purchase your leatherwork?

I list everything I have available to ship here on my website and also in my Etsy store.  Please contact me to discuss and place a custom order. 


2. Can I pick a specific blanket design for my Montana Wool Cowl or Montana Wool Rag?

You have the option to pick from the Pendleton® blankets I have on hand.  I keep a huge assortment on hand and depending on the blanket design desired I may be willing to purchase the blanket needed to accommodate you!  As far as picking the exact part of the blanket used, no, I cannot accommodate that.  I have to cut them a specific way to utilize the whole blanket so cannot do specific cuts.  All of the Montana Cowls and Montana Wool Rags are listed for sale as completed so its a first come, first served basis.  I will announce shop updates on my social media pages. 


3. Do you do saddle repairs or restorations? 

At this time, no unless I built it. 


4. Do you sell wholesale? 

I am willing to discuss selling my Montana Cowls and Montana Wool Rags in the off (late spring/summer) season to stock your store for the following winter but cannot accommodate any requests during the cold season as I am swamped with orders. 


5.  Do you sponsor riders? 

At this time, no. 


6.  Can I send in my shoes or jacket for customization? 

Yes!  Please contact me for details. 


7.  Do you do shows?

At this time, no. 


8. Do you accept Sezzle or AfterPay? 

Yes!  Both Sezzle and AfterPay are available to you at checkout!


9. What are Sezzle and Afterpay?

Sezzle and Afterpay (2 separate companies) are both interest free payment solutions that allow you to buy now and do payments for your purchase over 4 to 6 weeks.  Both Sezzle and Afterpay are independent companies and will require you to sign up with them in order to utilize.   Please visit their websites for full details!